iD/2D/3D is our design principle. We do not limit ourselves to a discipline or a point of view, but we develop projects in multidisciplinary teams, from ideation and conception to realisation.

Our work thrives on the variety of personal skills. At GfG graphic and sound designers, exhibition and interior designers, web designers, copywriters, photographers, production coordinators, and consultants come together at one place. Common to all is the ability to cross-linked and interdisciplinary work.

In 1994, we founded GfG in this spirit. Since then, we have run the agency jointly. We are interested in the big picture combined with the attention to detail and a keen will to create.

What is actually meant by ...

iD/2D/3D/... Thinking and creating in all dimensions.
Only if we manage to transmit a formative idea to all relevant channels and tangible dimensions, a strong identity will emerge. To achieve this, we combine different disciplines at GfG, thus creating effective communication.

Spatial Graphics

Spatial graphics inform, decorate, and give orientation. We combine spatial graphics with interior and communication design to a holistic brand presence in the room. Within this context we focus on your central ideas and incorporate existing and new shapes to form your individual »design kit«. We deliver strong concepts that give you sustainable support.

Interior Design

Working spaces affect the well-being, the productivity, and the motivation. We take this into account from the first idea up to the project completion. Whether as the only project partner or as part of a team – we accompany you from conception and planning, approval, tendering to construction supervision. We keep your cost and time schedule constantly in mind.

Exhibitions and Scenography

From your content a positive and exciting narration emerges by our design. With passion, design and media competence we develop spatial compositions that put your theme worlds in the limelight. Our standards are high: With our tightly networked team of graphic design, interior design, and multimedia, we always find the best solution – for you and your appreciated attendance!

Interaction Design

We generate the most intensive experiences, the most lasting memory, the strongest learning effect by things and situations that we shape and influence by ourselves. Interaction Design is a fascinating way to transport your content and messages and to initiate shared experiences.

Film Design

Video clips, features and documentaries, trailers, explanatory videos, videocasts, and filmic experiments – the moving image is our essential component of many communication solutions. We develop innovative ideas and master the creative and technical possibilities to finalise a »state of the art« result: as motion graphics, animation, stop-motion, live action ...

Digital Media

Information channels are diverse, we can send and receive messages from any location. The wide range of offerings is challenging, digital media have permeated modern life, and in the daily information overload people are looking for orientation. Our solutions for your digital communication are individual, purposeful, shaped by the attention to detail, and driven by enthusiasm of the possibilities.

Cross-Media Communication

The core of a good cross-media campaign is a strong guiding principle that can be applied in various media channels. It is important for us that this is not a »one-way communication« with the recipient only consuming the information. We involve your target groups and give them direct participation.

Brands and Companies

We work out the core features and characteristics of your brand and place them into the matching area in which they can reach their full potential in the long term. We develop concepts and measures for your external and internal corporate communications, which contributes significantly to the image building for the target groups and employees of the company.

Development of Ideas and Identity

Creativity needs freedom, open-mindedness, and impetus to form something new. In individual workshops we open up new perspectives on your identities, products, and strategies with and for you. We structure and evaluate the results and give them a shape. So that you can position yourself and your ideas clearly and concisely.

Corporate Design

We support companies and institutions in the process of developing a corporate identity. It is important to us that this is achieved in a participatory process with all responsible and involved persons being taken along. Thus for us the subsequent composition of the corporate design is an open process that we develop together with you. Our aim: a result that impresses and endorses all participants.

Editorial Design

Even in the age of digital evolution we are still extremely excited by printed content. Advertising, image, information: If there is something to say, an individually designed magazine, a brochure, or a report offers you the possibility of sustained contact with the reader. We stand for contents that convince and for form and design that fascinate.


We know about the power of images. Therefore, a concise imagery has always been an integral part of visual communication to us. We document, symbolise, and aestheticise. Here, the truthfulness of photography still has great importance for us. Because we believe in images that are to be believed.


Customer satisfaction with our products is our top priority. When, in addition, an independent jury honours our work results regularly with awards for outstanding design, we are particularly pleased.

Show awards

German Design Award
2019 / Nominee / Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum
2016 / Special Mention / Lernhaus im Campus (Learning House in the Campus)
2016 / Nominee / Quadriennale Dusseldorf
2015 / Winner / Pop-up Store »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« (2050 – Your Climate Market)

German Brand Award
2022 / Winner / Melitta Professional Marken Relaunch
2016 / Nominee / Quadriennale Dusseldorf
2016 / Nominee / Ey Alter Exhibition
2016 / Nominee / Feuerspuren (Fire Trails) Narrative Festival

DDC Award
2016 / Award / Corporate Design / Feuerspuren (Fire Trails) Narrative Festival
2011 / Welios – Science Center
2011 / Heimathafen (Home Port)
2008 / Chocoladium
2006 / Kunk Augenoptik (Kunk Optician)

Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation (DPWK)
2019 / EY Alter Ausstellung

Human Ressource Award
2015 / Mercedes-Benz / Ey Alter Exhibition

Annual Multimedia Award
2015 / Quadriennale Dusseldorf
2008 /

HR Excellence Awards'
2016 / Nachhaltigkeitspreis / EY Alter Ausstellung
2015 / Innovation des Jahres / EY Alter Ausstellung
2015 / Chancengleichheit im Beruf / EY Alter Ausstellung

Federal Award ecodesign
2014 / Pop-up Store »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« (2050 – Your Climate Market)

Kulturmarke des Jahres
2014 / Nominee / »Worpswede – das Künstlerdorf« (Worpswede – the Artist’s Village)

red dot award: communication design
2014 / »Worpswede – das Künstlerdorf« (Worpswede – the Artist’s Village)
2013 / Pop-up Store »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« (2050 – Your Climate Market)
2001 / Wayfinding System »Der Blaue Reiter« (The Blue Horseman)

Corporate Design Award
2019 / Nominee / Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum
2013 / Nominee / »Quartier – Die Stadt als Bühne« (Quartier – The City as a Stage)
2013 / Nominee / »Gröpelingen bildet« (Gröpelingen educates)

communication design award
2007 / Spot series »Ökonomie in Begriffen« (Economy in Terms)
2005 / Yearbook of University of Bremen
2005 / Corporate Magazine »Wandeln« (Change)
2004 / Diploma »so was kommt von so was«
2003 / mobile mini booth »Moses«
2002 / Beck’s Sound Visualizer
2001 / systemfabrik booth 

red dot award: product design
2003 / mobile mini booth »Moses«
2002 / Dentist’s office Dr. Pabst

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
2011 / CO₂ Participation Poster (nominated)    
2008 / Spot series »Ökonomie in Begriffen« (Economy in Terms, nominated)
2004 / Sound Visualizer (nominated)
2006 / EADS visitor centre (nominated)

corporate media
2001 / Beck’s Sound Visualizer
2004 / Gauloises Sound Visualizer

Chrystal Sky Award
2011 / Kunk Augenoptik (Kunk Optician)

61. Internationale Calendar Show 
2011 / Battle of Print

Joseph Binder Award
2004 / Diploma »so was kommt von so was«
2010 / CO₂ Participation Poster

Industrial Design Excellence Award
2004 / EADS visitor centre 

european logo design annual
2007 /
2007 / floral design
2007 / Restaurant Feuerwache (Fire Station)

Selection – Germany’s Finest Agencies
2007 / selected agency

Best of Corporate Publishing
2004 / energiemagazin (energy magazine)

Best Annual Reports
2007 / Yearbook of University of Bremen

European Newspaper Design Award
1999 / Twenty One

Our customers

If you engage us, you can look forward to honesty and a culture of open conversation. For our part we are thrilled by the diversity and the individuality of our customers.

Show customers

AB InBev
Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen (Chamber of Labour Bremen)
BKK Daimler Betriebskrankenkasse (Daimler Company Health Insurance Fund)
Berufsbildende Schulen OHZ (Vocational Schools OHZ)
Bremer Energie Konsens
BVL Bundesvereinigung Logistik (Federal Association of Logistics)
Daimler AG
Deutsche See
Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum (DSM)
Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin (German Museum of Technology Berlin)
Diakonie Bremen
Duesmann & Hensel Recycling
Experimenta / Science Center
Friedehorst Stiftung
Großmarkt Bremen (Wholesale Market Bremen)
Hamburg Energie
Hamburg Wasser

Hensel Recycling
Hotel Munte
IÖB Institut für Ökonomische Bildung (Institute for Economic Education)
john becker ingenieure
Klimahaus Bremerhaven
Kultur vor Ort / Feuerspuren (Culture On-Site / Fire Trails)
Kunsthalle Bremen
KVT Kurlbaum AG
LWL Freilichtmuseum Detmold (Outdoor Museum Detmold)
LWL Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe (Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe)
Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch Oldenburg (State Museum Nature and People Oldenburg)
Mager und Wedemeyer
Metropolregion Bremen-Oldenburg
Mindener Museum
Norddeutsche Mission
Quadriennale Düsseldorf
Schloss Gottorf
Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr
Senator für Bildung und Wissenschaft
Stadt Achim
Stadt Minden / Mindener Museum (City of Minden / Minden Museum)
Stadt Osterholz-Scharmbeck
Stadtwerke Aurich​​​​​​​
Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf
Smiledesigner Lounge SailCity
Sparkasse Bremen (Bremen Savings Bank)
SPD Fraktion Bremen (SPD Parliamentary Group Bremen)
SSAB Swedish Steel
Stiftung HB Rhododendronpark (botanica)
Stürken Albrecht Druckgesellschaft (Stürken Albrecht Printing Company)
Universität Bremen (University of Bremen)
Wangerland Touristik GmbH
Welios / Science Center
Worpsweder Museumsverbund e.V.
WfB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen (Bremeninvest)
Zech Group


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  • Produktion
  • Backoffice
  • Asja Beckmann

    Asja Beckmann

    Asja Beckmann, born in Bremen-Nord in 1973, grew up in Neuenkirchen. After graduating from high school she trained as a media designer in an advertising agency in Bremen and also applied for University of the Arts Bremen. She began her studies in October 1997 with a focus on illustration and typography. During this time, she participated successfully in various competitions and projects in which she was responsible for both the design and the text as well as the coordination. At the end of 2001 she joined GfG as a freelancer, and since her graduation in February 2003 she has been working as permanent staff in the team. Here she is responsible for conception and design of various projects with a focus on corporate design, exhibition design, and illustration.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Ole Bergmann

    Ole Bergmann

    Ole Bergmann was born in Bremen in 1977. Following the regular school career, he attended Technical School of Art and Design for two years. Subsequently he studied in nearby Hamburg. At Design Factory International GmbH, College of Communication Art and New Media Design he graduated with distinction in 2004. Shortly after, he worked, among other clients, for GfG as a freelance graphic designer until becoming a permanent team member in 2008. In addition to graphic design, music plays a major role in his life. Ole Bergmann is a member of the Bremen band »It’s Publique«. There is only one thing the family man regrets: that Bremen is not directly by the sea. Otherwise he would not only be active on stage, but also much more on the surfboard.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Benjamin Buck

    Benjamin Buck

    Although Benjamin »Ben« Buck has gained his socialization in southern Germany as a native of Tübingen, his mindset is a genuine Frisian one: cool in design, stoically in quality issues, and convinced that doing things by yourself is best if you want an optimal result. For this reason, he has not only gained experience in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery and studied English and German language in Augsburg, but he has also created film and advertising media (for TV spots, TV series, and a cinema film production) – first as a freelancer then as a permanent employee. At this point of his vita, his career path seemed to directly lead to Hollywood; however, there was a full mailbox, just at the moment when Quentin Tarantino called. But this is another story…

    Ben Buck focuses on web design, web development, sound design, and music composition, as well as film.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Tanja Büsching

    Tanja Büsching

    Tanja Büsching was born in Kassel in 1973 and spent her childhood in the beautiful half-timbered town of Melsungen. After high school graduation she started to study visual communication at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg in 1993. After an internship semester in Hamburg she changed to University of the Arts Bremen in 1996.

    During her studies she worked as a designer for GfG until her graduation in 1999. This was followed by a 13-month sojourn in New York and a collaboration in the agency Pentagram. Subsequently Berlin became her home for 11 years. By participating in the Berlin agency gewerk she was mainly concerned with exhibition design. In August 2012 she moved on to Bremen: »A city worth living, especially for families,« she says. At GfG she has been working on projects in the fields of graphic design, corporate design and exhibitions. Tanja Büsching is married and has two children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Julia Cords

    Julia Cords

    Julia Cords was born in Rüsselsheim in 1968 and grew up in Bremen. After studying economics, she worked for an auditing company until she discovered her passion for journalism. Postgraduate studies in journalism paved the way for long-term activities for radio, TV, and corporate communications. Julia Cords has been employed at GfG since 2005. As a project manager she is responsible for customers from various sectors. Her areas of activity include conception, design, and implementation of projects in the field of corporate communications.

    T +49.421. 33 868 047Julia Cords

  • Marta Daul

    Marta Daul

    Marta Daul was born in Munich in 1969, and spent her childhood in the Palatinate region in Southwestern Germany. As a small child, she learned Japanese calligraphy and origami from her Japanese mother. After high school graduation she did internships at Shin Tanaka and Mitsuo Katsui in Tokyo and improved her Japanese language and writing skills. This was followed by sojourns in Reno (USA) and Paris before she started graphic design studies at University of Applied Sciences Mainz in 1993. After the birth of her sons and a subsequent timeout period, she changed to University of the Arts Bremen in 1997 and graduated at the end of 2004. Since then she has been working as a designer with a focus on typography and logo design for various clients and agencies, including GfG. Marta Daul is married and has three children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Pia de Armas
  • Carsten Dempewolf

    Carsten Dempewolf

    Carsten Dempewolf was born in 1973 and grew up in Bramstedt near Bremen. After an apprenticeship as industrial mechanic he obtained his vocational baccalaureate diploma in sculpture. He built furniture and objects even while still a secondary school student. Shortly afterwards he created his first interior designs for shops and restaurants. As a founding member of GfG, he has been in charge of interior design since 1994, predominantly developing exhibition design and corporate architectural concepts. Projects under his direction won several awards, including the »iF design award«, the »red dot design award«, and the »DDC award«. Carsten Dempewolf is married and has three children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Ole Dobberstein

    Ole Dobberstein

    Ole Dobberstein was born in Bremen in 1970, and grew up in Oyten and Achim. After school he did an apprenticeship as a gas-fitter and plumber. After some time in his job, he looked for a change of profession. He obtained his vocational baccalaureate diploma in technics at the technical college in Verden and began to retrain as a print media designer in Hamburg in 1997. During the vocational training he acquired vast knowledge in website design and coding and held various internships, including one at GfG. In 1999, he was hired as system administrator and web project manager. Since then, he has been directing various web projects for clients, both conceptually and organizationally. Ole Dobberstein has a son and has been an ardent fan of Werder Bremen for many years.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Johannes Friedrich
  • Anne Götzel

    Anne Götzel

    Anne Götzel, born in Kassel in 1980, started school in Wiesbaden, obtained her high school diploma in Bremen and studied interior design in Hamburg. During her studies she worked as a props manager and design assistant for various film productions and created a temporary children’s play area for aircrafts, especially for the A380, that even became patented. Since 2005 Anne Götzel has been a GfG staff member, directing projects in the field of art and culture communication. Moreover, she supervises the research for interdisciplinary projects and is responsible for the conception, design, and organization of exhibitions, events, shootings, and workshops.

    Currently she is on parental leave.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Neele Graef

    Neele Graef

    Neele Graef is still with us after her GfG internship in 2013. Born in Oldenburg in 1991 and raised there, she started to study in Osnabrück with two semesters media computer science in 2010. Afterwards she focused on the new degree course Media and Interaction Design. »The aim is to provide interactive experiences and make interaction as intuitive as possible,« she says. With these approaches she breathes new life into GfG.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Hanke Homburg

    Hanke Homburg

    Hanke Homburg was born in Bremen-Nord in 1968. Following his high school graduation and 20 months of alternative civilian service in an integrated day nursery he began his training as a carpenter. At the same time, he spent much time in his studio, drawing comics and applying to various art academies. He decided on Bremen, where he began studying graphic design in 1993. During this time, he worked on many projects simultaneously: he designed furniture, took photographs and, in 1994, founded GfG together with the company’s five partners. He continued with his interdisciplinary approach in his main course of studies, which he pursued mainly at Peter Rea’s »intermedia center«. Today he develops and manages projects involving various fields in brand and corporate communication, and provides consultation for GfG clients on issues of design strategy. Hanke Homburg is married, has one daughter and lives in Bremen.

    T +49.421.33 868

  • Michel Iffländer

    Michel Iffländer

    Michel Iffländer ist seit 2014 Teil der GfG. Sein Weg führte über ein Abitur – Leistungskurse Physik, Chemie und Mathe – und anschließende journalistische Ausflüge (SPIESSER, Spiegel Online, »Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit.«-Kampagne) zu uns. Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Mediengestalter Digital und Print räumte er das Feld quasi von hinten auf: Während er anfangs vorwiegend am Ende des Gestaltungsprozesses, mit der Medienerstellung und Reinzeichnung beschäftigt war, ist er mittlerweile in der Konzeption und Kreation tätig und bedient diverse Gestaltungsdisziplinen, von Grafik und Illustration hin zu Fotografie und Film. Als einer der wenigen begleitet er Designprojekte von der ersten Idee bis in die Produktionsvorstufe, was nicht nur für ordentlich angelegte Dateien, sondern für Konvergenz im Ganzen sorgt. Einen besonderen Moment verbindet Michel in diesem Zusammenhang mit der dreitägigen Fachtagung „Wohntage Bremen“, die er von der Entwicklung des Keyvisuals bis zum Aufbau der Ausstellung in der Hochschule für Künste in Bremen begleitet hat und endlich die Gelegenheit bekam, seine Lieblingsschrift, die Futura von Paul Renner, zu inszenieren. Sein Hang zu Perfektion und Sorgfalt äußert sich auch in seinen Arbeitsmitteln. Während die Mouse auf seinem Arbeitsplatz für Besucher bereit liegt, arbeitet Michel ausschließlich mit Grafiktablett und Stift, durch dessen intuitive Führung präzise Arbeiten möglich sind.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Siena Jakobi

    Siena Jakobi

    Siena Jakobi, born in Oldenburg in 1976, studied classical stage dance from 1993 to 1996 at the Ballet School of Hamburg State Opera under the direction of John Neumeier. After her graduation she danced at various theaters in Germany and abroad, among others in Vienna and Stockholm.

    In 1998 she changed subject due to injury and started graphic design studies at University of the Arts Bremen. During her studies she was member of the organizing team of Profile Intermedia 2 and Gruppe Mehrzweck, she did internships at stylorouge in London and Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands and lectured at various international design conferences. In summer 2003 she graduated with a thesis on »encouraging relationships in creative processes«. These and other works have been awarded and exhibited nationally and internationally several times. For GfG she has been working in the areas of conception, graphic design, corporate design, and corporate publishing since January 2000. Siena Jakobi is married and has two children.

    Currently she is on parental leave.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Ina Jepsen

    Ina Jepsen

    Ina Jepsen has been a GfG team member since the end of 2011, supporting the project management in the area of invoicing and accounting.

    Born in 1984 in Bremen North, she graduated from education centre at Alwin Lonke Street with a major in design. Afterwards, she completed an apprenticeship at a law firm where she gained profound knowledge in accounting, among other things. With her application at GfG she has proved that her interest in design questions continues to exist, even as a trained legal and notary assistant.

    Currently she is on parental leave.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Katrin Johnsen

    Katrin Johnsen

    Katrin Johnsen was born in Bremen in 1965. Following her high school graduation and an apprenticeship as a carpenter, she began to study architecture in Berlin, where she graduated with a diploma in 1995. She moved to Dusseldorf and during her engagement with the Association of German Architects (BDA) she published the book »Medienmeile Hafen Düsseldorf« (Media Mile Dusseldorf Harbour) on her own initiative. In 1998 she returned to Bremen and worked as a freelance editor for an architecture publisher and an architect’s journal amongst others until 2002. As a permanent member of GfG she has been writing for clients from various sectors such as construction industry, energy and automative. Her focus is on the development and processing of content and storytelling - especially in the context of exhibition. Katrin Johnsen lives in Bremen with her two children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Stephan Kappen

    Stephan Kappen

    Stephan Kappen was born in Münster in 1967, where he obtained his university diploma in graphic design. In addition to design, he also has a passion for literature. In 1992, for example, he was the author and designer of the mystery »Bei Andruck Mord«, for which he won a North Rhine-Westphalian communication award. In 1992 he moved to Bremen to work as a graphic designer and concept developer in various agencies before becoming a co-founder and partner of GfG. He mainly focuses on communication strategy and visual communication and maintains a formidable collection of intern quotations. Until 2014 he was a member of the executive board of the Kommunikationsverband Wirtschaftsraum Bremen e.V. and is still active as member of the advisory board.

    T +49.421.33 868

  • Juliane Kniel
  • Carsten Koralewski

    Carsten Koralewski

    Carsten Koralewski was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1968. He spent his childhood in the Osnabrück region, from 1983 on with a Commodore 64. After high school graduation he did alternative civilian service in Hamburg for 24 months, then studied mathematics. As a media-self-taught, he acquired a wealth of skills, for instance by his involvement at media education center St. Pauli, the foundation of a multimedia studio, and by his work in a prepress company in Bremen. Carsten Koralewski has been directing the GfG production since 2000, keeping equipment and colleagues technically and professionally up-to-date. For trainees, employees, and customers, he is the main contact concerning all production issues. Carsten Koralewski is married and has four children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Ann-Katrin Lindorf
  • Dörte Mahlstedt

    Dörte Mahlstedt

    After completing her secondary education, Dörte Mahlstedt did a vocational training as a typesetter in Bremen. She then worked in a Bremen agency until she started at GfG in 1998. In the field of media design and final artwork, Dörte Mahlstedt is a core team member. In the competition »Battle of Print 2011« on election posters, she achieved the highest score and thereby provided the calendar page for January.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Dorthe Meinhardt

    Dorthe Meinhardt

    Dorthe Meinhardt was born in Lemgo in 1972, and in her childhood she had a sheep named Perwoll. After high school graduation she began to study visual communication at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg in 1993. After a semester abroad in Toulouse she moved to University of the Arts Bremen in 1996. During her studies she worked as a designer at design agency »jung und pfeffer« and was one of the three main organizers of the first Profile Intermedia 1998. With the book »beyond the borders« about Profile Intermedia commissioned by Springer publishing house, she made her diploma six months later and began to work as a freelancer at GfG simultaneously. Since March 2000 Dorthe Meinhardt has been working here as a designer. She is responsible for conception and design of various projects, from customer contact to production.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Isabel Oberhäuser
  • Sean Roller

    Sean Roller

    It is not so easy to categorize our graphics specialist: a bit of Ruhr Valley, a bit of the Netherlands, a bit of USA. Let’s start at the beginning: Sean Roller was born and raised in Essen. One parent comes from America, the other from Germany, and both make music. For his studies, Education Science, Management and Media, he emigrated to Enschede in the Netherlands in 2007. This was followed by the change and the enrollment for Applied Art & Technology. »For more media and less science,« he says. During the entire course he was particularly interested in the »Apply«: So he worked simultaneously for the marketing team of University of Twente, had an internship in Stuttgart at soldan communication, and did web design jobs for other renowned agencies. He moved to Bremen because of love. Lucky for us. 2013 he wrote his thesis at GfG with »cum laude« and is now a permanent member of the team.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Michael Rommel

    Michael Rommel

    Michael Rommel was born in Lower Saxony Oldenburg in 1987, and he grew up in the neighbouring spa town of Bad Zwischenahn. After high school graduation he did a voluntary social year in culture as alternate civilian service. Then he acquired a wide range of knowledge in product, fashion, and communication design at Bremen University of the Arts. He had his bachelor’s degree program Integrated Design enriched by several internships, for example at »11 Freunde« (11 Friends), a magazine for football culture. 2016 he graduated with a master’s degree majoring in culture and identity.

    Michael started his professional career at GfG. Since summer 2016 he has been a permanent member of the staff, working in the field of graphic and conception. He has a penchant for print media – for Michael there is nothing better than a printed product that is precisely adjusted in paper, production, and usefulness to the ideas to be communicated.

    He is a passionate racing cyclist and likes going to football stadium. In the GfG kitchen he consistently shows extraordinary talent in the varied composition of Italian pasta.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Ulrike Rosemeier

    Ulrike Rosemeier

    Ulrike Rosemeier was born in 1973. After high school graduation she did an apprenticeship as a carpenter, followed by the journeymanship and her examination for the master craftsman’s certificate. At the same time, she attended Flensburg College of Design and Technology for two years, where she graduated as state-certified engineer for interior design. Since 2000 Ulrike Rosemeier has been employed at GfG, being responsible for design, execution planning, and project management. She is married and has three children.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Sacid Sezgin

    Sacid Sezgin

    Although Benjamin »Ben« Buck has gained his socialization in southern Germany as a native of Tübingen, his mindset is a genuine Frisian one: cool in design, stoically in quality issues, and convinced that doing things by yourself is best if you want an optimal result. For this reason, he has not only gained experience in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery and studied English and German language in Augsburg, but he has also created film and advertising media (for TV spots, TV series, and a cinema film production) – first as a freelancer then as a permanent employee. At this point of his vita, his career path seemed to directly lead to Hollywood; however, there was a full mailbox, just at the moment when Quentin Tarantino called. But this is another story…

    Ben Buck focuses on web design, web development, sound design, and music composition, as well as film.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Marthe Trottnow
  • Florian Ullrich

    Florian Ullrich

    Florian Ullrich was born in Berlin in 1983, and grew up there. After a four-year »stopover« in Meissen near Dresden, he moved to Lunestedt near Bremerhaven. In 2003 he completed his A-levels at Gymnasium Wesermünde, and by his volunteer work he developed a preference for web design. Afterwards he did a voluntary social year in a kindergarten and then studied media computer science in Dresden and Bremerhaven. Since 2009 he has been a team member of GfG, completing a vocational training as a media designer with a focus on web.

    Meanwhile, he has been working for GfG as a web developer.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

  • Björn Voigt - Geschäftsführer
    Björn Voigt

    Björn Voigt

    Björn Voigt, born in Göttingen in 1967, spent his school years in Bremen until his A levels. Like his father he began to study law, but then decided on another, creative major: graphic design. In 1992 he started studying at the University of the Arts.

    Then as now his main focus has been illustration, idea generation, and story-telling – for example, illustrations that he produced while still going to university were selected for the exhibition at the international Children’s Book Fair in Bologna.

    As a founding member and general manager of GfG, he has been handling various clients and projects, among others in the food and consumer goods sectors, since 1994. His main fields of activity range from idea generation using various creativity techniques to innovation consulting in product development. In 2007 an animation film that was produced under his direction received the »iF design award«.

    Björn Voigt has three children and lives in Bremen.

    T +49.421.3 38 68

iD-Werkstatt: Ideas need space

At GfG the creation of products, spatial experiences, communication scenarios, or visual ideas is the core of each work. Creative thinking, constant reinventing, inventing in general, and creating a corresponding image is a part of us.

At iD-Werkstatt (iD Workshop) we now give this working method a dedicated space. A space where ideas and creativity can flourish and are truly tangible. This space is an ideal working environment not only for us, here we also work with our clients on their products, innovations, and visions: individually, collectively, and with external experts on various topics.

More details about iD-Werkstatt can be found here.

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