A wastewater disposer turns into an environmental service provider

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The hanseWasser Annual Report 2008 initiated the change in the company’s self-understanding. In the 2009 follow-up report concrete climate protection targets could already be formulated. Clear communication was required to put things on the right track.

The report was the first medium in 2009 to communicate the company’s reorientation as an environmental service provider. At the same time 10 years of successful company history had to be appreciated. A communicative bridging gap between yesterday and tomorrow was necessary: »Wir machen seit 10 Jahren Zukunft« (​We have been making future for 10 years) was accepted as a motto and was used for the title.

In addition to the content conception, the demand for visualization was also high. How can you summarise »opportunities« for future business fields in an image? With the blackboard drawing style, we were able to capture the moment of brainstorming appropriately. The blackboard notes served as a recurrent theme throughout the report from the cover to the forecast.

Less is more

How will less be more? Under the key words »to cut«, »to lower«, »to reduce«, »to develop«, and »to set out«, the line is drawn from less CO emissions to more economic success.

hanseWasser Bremen’s Annual Report 2009 strengthens the company’s positioning as an environmental service provider in the sewage segment. With the focus topic on »Climate and Energy«, hanseWasser underscores its commitment and pioneering role in this field against municipalities and industry representatives. Last but not least, the annual report is intended to have an internal effect, as a signal to the employees to support the evolution to a climate-neutral company.