Marta Daul

Marta Daul was born in Munich in 1969, and spent her childhood in the Palatinate region in Southwestern Germany. As a small child, she learned Japanese calligraphy and origami from her Japanese mother. After high school graduation she did internships at Shin Tanaka and Mitsuo Katsui in Tokyo and improved her Japanese language and writing skills. This was followed by sojourns in Reno (USA) and Paris before she started graphic design studies at University of Applied Sciences Mainz in 1993. After the birth of her sons and a subsequent timeout period, she changed to University of the Arts Bremen in 1997 and graduated at the end of 2004. Since then she has been working as a designer with a focus on typography and logo design for various clients and agencies, including GfG. Marta Daul is married and has three children.