GfG / Gruppe für Gestaltung
Altes Zollamt / Waller Stieg 1
28217 Bremen, Germany

P +49 421 80 71 84 00
F +49 421 80 71 84 01

You would like to know more about GfG or one of our projects? No problem, we will be glad to help you with information, contact persons from various disciplines, individual press kits, or photo material.

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In 2004, we took over the building »Alte Feuerwache / Zollamt«(Old Fire Station / Custom Office)at the timber and factory port of Bremen Überseestadt (Overseas City). The refurbishment of the building, erected in 1907, was planned and carried out by our architectural department. In addition to office and conference rooms, the Zollamt also houses the photographic studio and the GfG model workshop.

The location near the water, the possibility to house offices and studios under one roof, and networking with other creative agencies in a single building have decisive advantages: short distances, a lot of exchanges, enough free space, and a beautiful view – the basis for interdisciplinary work.

In our immediate neighbourhood, in the historic Speicher XI (Storehouse XI), University of the Arts Bremen is located – among others with the faculty of »Art and Design«. Directly in front of our door, at the pier of Rolandmühle (Roland Mill), overseas freight ships dock and unload their cargo every day. It smells of harbour and the great wide world. We love this location.

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