Katrin Johnsen

Katrin Johnsen was born in Bremen in 1965. Following her high school graduation and an apprenticeship as a carpenter, she began to study architecture in Berlin, where she graduated with a diploma in 1995. She moved to Dusseldorf and during her engagement with the Association of German Architects (BDA) she published the book »Medienmeile Hafen Düsseldorf« (Media Mile Dusseldorf Harbour) on her own initiative. In 1998 she returned to Bremen and worked as a freelance editor for an architecture publisher and an architect’s journal amongst others until 2002. As a permanent member of GfG she has been writing for clients from various sectors such as construction industry, energy and automative. Her focus is on the development and processing of content and storytelling - especially in the context of exhibition. Katrin Johnsen lives in Bremen with her two children.