Sean Roller

It is not so easy to categorize our graphics specialist: a bit of Ruhr Valley, a bit of the Netherlands, a bit of USA. Let’s start at the beginning: Sean Roller was born and raised in Essen. One parent comes from America, the other from Germany, and both make music. For his studies, Education Science, Management and Media, he emigrated to Enschede in the Netherlands in 2007. This was followed by the change and the enrollment for Applied Art & Technology. »For more media and less science,« he says. During the entire course he was particularly interested in the »Apply«: So he worked simultaneously for the marketing team of University of Twente, had an internship in Stuttgart at soldan communication, and did web design jobs for other renowned agencies. He moved to Bremen because of love. Lucky for us. 2013 he wrote his thesis at GfG with »cum laude« and is now a permanent member of the team.