Planet Westphalia 2010

Planet Westfalen 2010

Exhibition and communication on the theme year of the LWL outdoor museum Detmold

  • Exhibitions and Scenography
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Spatial Graphics
  • Campaign
  • Guidance and Orientation Systems
  • Advertising

»Migration and historical building culture« or what is actually Westphalian here? In 2010, the outdoor museum in Detmold was shown from a different angle. We have developed a uniform overall concept on the theme year and created an interesting and surprising quest on traces across the museum.

The outdoor museum is a 90-hectare site where rural social landscapes and historic houses and courtyards give an overview of the development and changes of everyday life and cultural history of Westphalia. Under the title »Planet Westfalen 2010« (Planet Westphalia 2010), the focus in the anniversary year was on stories from people who came from other countries to Westphalia or who emigrated from Westphalia to foreign countries.

Details of architectural heritage, objects from the field of landscape ecology imported or exported to Westphalia, as well as stories about people who have emigrated or immigrated, have been staged in a special way this year and made visible to the visitor.

We have supported the conceptual design of the outdoor museum by the development of corporate design and application media for the exhibition year, the development of outdoor stations to draw attention to details in the terrain, and the design of the special exhibition in the interior.

Appearance of LWL outdoor museum Detmold

In line with the campaign development for the 2010 theme year, we have developed an independent appearance for LWL outdoor museum Detmold. The fundamental aspect here was the consideration of the existing corporate design of LWL-Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe) that is characterized by red elements on the left edge of the format and the association logo in the format foot. The logo we have developed, an oblique red square with an integrated word mark, is intended to communicate the outdoor museum clearly to the outside and to take up the given corporate design in colour and form.

For the advertising of the theme year »Planet Westfalen 2010«, a motif series has been developed in addition to a main motif, showing people of different age and origin. They all present an object or creature from the theme year. The motifs thrive on the diversity of people and the story that each individual motif tells.