National Park House Wangerland

The whole wide sea in one house

  • Exhibitions and Scenography
  • Illustration
  • Shop Design

The air smells of salt, the wind blows, and gulls fly high in the sky. Below: the watts. World Natural Heritage and National Park. An almost endless wavy surface full of wonders. The diversity of this cosmos can be discovered in national park houses on dry ground. Some people know them from their childhood days. School excursions in dust-tight narrowness, eye to eye with dead plumage and other stuffed sea dwellers ...

Once upon a time! Nowadays, discovery is different. In Wangerland/Minsen, for example. It is wonderfully light and airy here. The information centre used the opportunity of a necessary reconstruction of the building for modernization and redesign of the exhibition. Clear lines and a subtle colour palette now define the rooms. Right in the middle with marvellous vivid colours: the sea dwellers. Completely free from dust, they sit in the midst of fresh green and sand and populate the landscape model. All around, hand-drawn illustrations complement the information texts, even more knowledge and visual material can be found in booklets, and on tablet computers films can be watched and also the shipping traffic in real time.

»In a close interaction of materials, forms, colours, graphics, and media, a modern, yet inviting and affectionate exhibition was created.« 
Carsten Dempewolf, Project Manager

Coastal protection, fishing, climate, and regenerative energy production, at the interactive information desk there are also practical tips for energy saving in everyday life. You can find a discovery dune, wind, salt, and sand in boxes, as well as comfortable seats round the buoys, and a deep blue space where floes, cat sharks, starfish, and other marine inhabitants float through 8,000 litres of water in North Sea aquariums.

No matter what generation you belong to, everyone can experience the fascination of nature in an individual way. “To the sea!” one would like to shout. The leitmotiv is almost in front of the door. The calmness and aesthetics of the landscape are reflected in the rooms of the house, a bright and welcoming place that makes you want to go on the beach and into the sea.


»We wanted to create a quiet and aesthetic place at first glance, that, on a closer look, would show more and more – as the Wadden Sea and the region.«    
Carsten Dempewolf, Project Manager