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Hard to believe that you can make such a fuss about exhaust scrap. But when it comes to recovering platinum, palladium, and rhodium from the catalysts, the old sooty, dirty exhaust gas filter becomes a real asset.

For Duesmann & Hensel Recycling, we have documented the mechanical recycling of the catalysts in a film that provides an insight into the technically demanding treatment at the life end of a standard commercial exhaust.

The company has its head office in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and is also located in China, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, and the USA amongst others. It takes over large quantities of old catalysts in trust from its customers, dismantles them, and extracts the precious metals platinum, palladium, and rhodium, in order to return them to the customer for further economic utilization – in a nutshell.

The technical process, the material documentation, and the accompanying services are considerably more comprehensive. In the film you can get an impression. It is a film for customers who are very familiar with the subject matter, but want to know more precisely how the whole thing works – above all, the handling of the considerable value of the precious metals in the catalysts.

»Transparency is our USP«, could be the motto of the Aschaffenburg recycling specialists, so we were very glad to get an unrestricted insight and a thoroughly attentive service on site. Many thanks to all who have opened doors for us and answered our questions!