Internal Communication Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen

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Internal Communication Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen

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Bremen’s biggest employer is like a »city in the city«, and the tasks are correspondingly diverse. Since 2000, we have been supporting Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen in all fields of internal communication.

A wide range of media is used from large-format posters to videos – with the aim of informing and motivating the nearly 13,000 employees. Our spectrum of tasks ranges from strategic consulting, campaign conception, design of numerous print works, production of film trailers, and the development of large-format posters to the highlights reserved for the Bremen plant, such as the launch of a new model range, the announcements of employee surveys, and the traditional annual »holiday poster«.

World Cup atmosphere at the works

The World Cup does not stop at the gates of Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen, on the contrary. The employees are totally into the World Cup, with a view to Brazil – and to Bremen! As the factory squad is also performing at world class standard.

For the plant and its employees, we have developed a poster series, combined football and car production, found analogies, and used them for surprising and motivating motifs: »Schlaand im Werk.« (in England you would say: »Engerland at the works.«) Things are very much looking up.

UEFA Euro poster series

»Bremen factory. A strong team«: The internal factory claim of the Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen will be reloaded against the backdrop of the 2012 UEFA European Championship. Team spirit is the key to success – in the stadium and in the factory.

We used the analogy and transferred the well-known motifs from the top-class team sport to the factory: The trainees became the U21, the factory security turned into the Catenaccio. The participants teamed up and started highly motivated into the next round with half-time strategy talk, fan blocks, and the Mexican wave.

Also in the implementation of the poster motif, team spirit was required. The shooting was successful only through precise planning and good interaction with the Daimler employees. What a photo finish!