»Der Blaue Reiter« at Kunsthalle Bremen

Kunsthalle Bremen

Wayfinding systems for »Der Blaue Reiter« and »Van Gogh«

  • Spatial Graphics
  • Campaign
  • Guidance and Orientation Systems
  • Advertising

Two special exhibitions had an impact far beyond Bremen. With the help of individual wayfinding systems, we guided the visitors safely to the exhibition and also created popular collector’s trophies.

»Der Blaue Reiter« 2001

›Der Blaue Reiter‹ (The Blue Horseman), the work of the famous artist group, came to Bremen and with it many thousands of visitors. One horseman showed them the way and in the end he became a coveted art object. On behalf of Kunsthalle Bremen, we have developed an inner-city wayfinding system for the exhibition opening in June 2001. Inconspicuous and succinct, the signs were perceived as an enrichment in the cityscape. The Blue Horseman did not gallop unnoticed. And at special junctions such as the central railway station, the horse reared up.

»Van Gogh« 2002

We also have developed the wayfinding system for the exhibition »Felder – Das Mohnfeld und der Künstlerstreit« (Fields – The Poppy Field and the Contest of Artists). With a 3-D scanner, small excerpts of van Gogh’s original paintings were taken and digitized. The result were signs with twenty times enlarged, three-dimensional brush strokes.