Hamburg Energy

Hamburg Energie / Hamburg Wasser

From Hamburg for Hamburg

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design
  • Brand Rooms
  • Shop Design

The two Hamburg public utilities stick by their region and show that too. We have conceived a space that quotes the region in many facets and presents the brands sympathetically and openly.

As a subsidiary of »Hamburg Wasser«, Hamburg’s new energy supplier »Hamburg Energie« entered the market in November 2009. Themed »Aus Hamburg für Hamburg« (From Hamburg for Hamburg) a customer centre for both brands was to be created. The task was to make the brand and its promise for consulting, service, and competence of both companies a sensuous experience in an inviting and open »Raum der Energieversorgung« (Room of Energy Supply).

Inspired by the dynamic forms of shipbuilding, maritime materiality, and the distinctive silhouette of Hamburg, a lively and communicative spatial experience emerged. Colour and formal accents quote the corporate image and provide fixed points for the eye.

In addition to the design, the complex technical and acoustic planning ensures that parallel consultations can be carried out undisturbed. Innovative LED technology illuminates the room discreetly and offers a special eye catcher at night. Then a lighting program starts, bringing the customer centre into motion.

With its internal and external network, we were able to optimally fulfil the various requirements of the customer centre. Starting out from the communication strategy of the advertising agency »Zum Goldenen Hirschen«, we have created a distinctive brand space with the light planners of »stageled« and the room designers of »22 qm«. The consistently positive feedback from visitors and staff confirms their strong influence in the conception.