International narrative festival in Bremen

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A good narrative is one of the high disciplines of communication. When international narrators come together in the neighbouring district of Gröpelingen to inspire people with their stories in and beyond the boundaries of the city, this is a format that deserves support!

For this reason, we have designed and implemented the communication measures for the annual narrative festival. Shadows of figures and objects from the world-wide narrative culture shape the basis of a modular system in which forms and colours are always played anew. Thus the appearance with high recognition value grows each year by further symbols, creating a design parallel to the process of the narrative.

Further information about the Feuerspuren (Fire Trails) can be found here.

Located directly on the river Weser, the district of Gröpelingen has something special to offer. Nearly 70 languages ​​are spoken in retail shops, restaurants, private households, and public facilities. 35,000 inhabitants with more than 120 nationalities live in the large neighbourhood. They talk and gossip together, go to school and to shopping, and once a year, on one of the first weekends in November, they transform the central axis between the district and the Weser – the Lindenhofstrasse – into a festival of multilingual narrative art ...

More than a booklet: Collectibles with high identification value

The direct linking of the design with the district of Gröpelingen leads to an annual photo series: Thomas Kleiner finds models and motifs directly on site. Along Lindenhofstrasse you will be able to rediscover places from an unfamiliar point of view, hosts are portrayed in their garden, at the door of their shop, in important pieces of clothing with their own stories. Meanwhile, program books and posters have become coveted collectibles.