Klimahaus Bremerhaven

Fun instead of warning words

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Without a doubt can this project be described as a major challenge. Carsten Dempewolf, project manager and managing director of GfG, briefly summarizes the task: »After three hours of travel full of sensuous impressions, what exciting and, above all, feasible things can be offered to the visitor?« The Klimahaus (Climate House) wanted no less than to draw a new line at the end of the existing exhibition to say goodbye to its guests with the conviction: we all can do something for the climate on our planet.

We had the belief that the goal seemed to be difficult to achieve with a purely factual-pedagogical view. »It was important for us to find a positive view of the topic, to identify potentials that are fun,« explains Carsten Dempewolf. The result is an interactive exhibition area that attracts and motivates even the most tired visitor.


Eight games, one goal: »Save the world!« 

Indeed, the »World Future Lab« of the Klimahaus has an ambitious subject. Temperature rise, energy consumption, garbage reduction – what can be said about the future viability of mankind with regard to future challenges in the environment, the economy, and society? What can be done to counter the advancing disaster? Or frankly in other words: what type of rescuer are you? In eight games, visitors can test their abilities to save our planet – or at least to make it a little better. The unmistakable message: each of us can do something as we all have different talents to use. So who is going to save the South Sea island from the constantly rising sea level? What components should be considered when producing a fair smartphone? How far do we think about our fellow human beings, who is responsible for sustainable networks, and how does a future-oriented urban design of our own district look like? Researching, networking, organizing, communicating, taking responsibility – everyone has their talents, and together, we all make a super-team with great reach and assertiveness. 

Eight projectors, one globe 

What every individual achieves in small scale at the interactive stations, has its impact on the planet that has a central position in the room. Every (game) decision influences the global climate. Eight projectors show the image of the earth on a globe and bring it to life – so real that one is tempted to stop the world for a moment.

On the surface of the globe, the results of all present players as well as the current decisions of the in-house »Klimakonferenz« (Climate Conference) can be read.

Teamwork creates great things 

What seems so manageable in the end is the result of intense discussions and interactions within the agency’s internal network. Architecture, software development, furniture construction, game mechanics form a great melting pot. Once again, Jacobs University of Bremen took over the scientific accompaniment, in particular Dr. Fabiola Gerpott. »But apart from the content orientation and the scientifically founded basis of the individual games, the game flow was not to be lost. It is supposed to be fun – and with a time limit of only two minutes,« Carsten Dempewolf describes the work frame. A task that can only be mastered together. »Every team member matters. And it was a great teamwork. All the way to the craftsmen, who have always done everything reliably and perfectly.« Game development deluxe.