InKoKa – Leitfaden zur Starkregenvorsorge

Intermunicipal Coordination Unit for Climate Adaptation

Guideline for heavy rain prevention

  • Editorial Design
  • Graphic Design

Metres of water in the cellars, destroyed houses, terrible stench: more and more, heavy rain is causing flooding. Northern Germany is not unscathed by these states of emergency – for example on June 20th, 2013 heavy rain turned the inner city of the municipality of Hambergen in the district of Osterholz into a lakeland, causing damages amounting to millions.

The association Metropolregion Bremen-Oldenburg im Nordwesten (Metropolitan Region of Bremen/Oldenburg in the Northwest), a union of political, administrative, scientific, and cultural actors, has taken these consequences of climate change as an opportunity to set up Interkommunale Koordinierungsstelle Klimaanpassung (InKoKa, Intermunicipal Coordination Unit for Climate Adaptation). This working group advises districts, cities, and municipalities on climate change issues and promotes exchange among municipalities.

Heavy rain prevention – in a nutshell

For InKoKa, the focus was on the topic of heavy rain prevention from the outset. Local authorities and the citizens of the Northwest were to be provided with suggestions and guidance on preventive measures. Two brochures and an extensive folder have been released. The citizen’s brochure has been designed as a practical how-to with concrete proposals for individual implementation: How can rainwater be managed in a natural way? What is the best way to protect your home from water penetration? A brochure and an information folder have been developed for municipalities, containing practical information on preventive management of urban floods. For example, the guide provides information on the risk of flooding and on preventive measures for urban planning.

The weather map: guiding principle for the guideline

In close co-ordination with the project managers of the metropolitan region, Henryk Predki and Barbara Dührkop, we have taken over and implemented the design and structure of the reference works. We deliberately did not orient ourselves on the corporate design of the metropolitan region, but developed an individual logo and key visual. Judith Kalicki’s idea of ​​using an abstract weather map as a main motif found the immediate consent by the actors. Titles and covers of the media are completely encased by the colourful motif, while the content is intentionally held informative and structured.

On August 17th, 2016 the materials were presented to the public at a press conference. We are glad to have been able to meet future heavy rain in the region more relaxed.

You can find the brochures online here.