CO13 Emergency Kit

The friend in need for workshop preparation

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Just imagine: A company consultant sitting in the hotel at night knowing that he will run the gauntlet at the workshop next morning – a real disaster! If no remedial action is taken quickly, the workshop participants will turn the consultant upside down and not the other way round. This app helps and works immediately!

For CO13, the group for systematic consulting, we have developed a not very serious but ironically valuable tool for the emergency treatment of consultants. The app, full of inspiring methods and provocative illustrations, is just the right means of communication for a company that already runs its own fan shop.

Find the app in the Google Play Store.
And here is the App in the iTunes Store.

More than just an adhesive plaster …

In CO13’s Emergency Kit there are different instruments to choose from, each dealing in a special way with workshop methods. Simply choose the desired dose, depending on your blood pressure, and the workshop will be saved in last-minute fashion – or at least the mood of the consultant.

With the aid of the quick diagnosis, the best method for rapid improvement can be found in just a few steps. If the stress level still allows, you will find the detailed maximum supply with all methodical remedies in the rescue tips A-Z. In addition, the kit contains: voices of healed patients, Dr. CO’s killer phrases to laugh away the stress, and unusual solutions from the category of alternative medicine.