Tanja Büsching

Tanja Büsching was born in Kassel in 1973 and spent her childhood in the beautiful half-timbered town of Melsungen. After high school graduation she started to study visual communication at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg in 1993. After an internship semester in Hamburg she changed to University of the Arts Bremen in 1996.

During her studies she worked as a designer for GfG until her graduation in 1999. This was followed by a 13-month sojourn in New York and a collaboration in the agency Pentagram. Subsequently Berlin became her home for 11 years. By participating in the Berlin agency gewerk she was mainly concerned with exhibition design. In August 2012 she moved on to Bremen: »A city worth living, especially for families,« she says. At GfG she has been working on projects in the fields of graphic design, corporate design and exhibitions. Tanja Büsching is married and has two children.