Hanke Homburg

Hanke Homburg was born in Bremen-Nord in 1968. Following his high school graduation and 20 months of alternative civilian service in an integrated day nursery he began his training as a carpenter. At the same time, he spent much time in his studio, drawing comics and applying to various art academies. He decided on Bremen, where he began studying graphic design in 1993. During this time, he worked on many projects simultaneously: he designed furniture, took photographs and, in 1994, founded GfG together with the company’s five partners. He continued with his interdisciplinary approach in his main course of studies, which he pursued mainly at Peter Rea’s »intermedia center«. Today he develops and manages projects involving various fields in brand and corporate communication, and provides consultation for GfG clients on issues of design strategy. Hanke Homburg is married, has one daughter and lives in Bremen.