Minden Museum

Living city history

  • Exhibitions and Scenography
  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Guidance and Orientation Systems

Bringing city history to life – this is what the multimedia exhibition unit stands for that we have designed for the »Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Mindener Museums« (Society for the promotion of the Minden Museum). Its core modules are a city model, representing Minden as a Prussian fortress around 1873, as well as a display window with 36 exhibits.

Touchscreens attached to the model can be used to obtain more detailed information about 1,200 years of city history. The information levels from the model and the showcase are brought together, video projectors show guided tours on certain topics, such as »witch-hunt«. The visitors enter a vivid and exciting excursion into the past.

We were involved in the planning at an early stage. Thus the topics to be communicated and their medial preparation could be transferred into a coherent design concept.

Design of foyer and guidance system

A picturesque house row is the hallmark of the Minden Museum. With the guidance and story system we have designed, the visitor does not only move straight through the six buildings of the museum, but he also learns some lessons from a few hundred years of house history en passant.

Six buildings of different architectural styles, filled with the history of the town, educational areas, and special exhibitions, are easy to grasp for the visitor. There is no need to reinvent the central theme for orientation. It is already pre-defined by the six buildings. Stories, personalities, and events from three hundred years of »house life«, inscribed with memorable names, are distinctive points of the visitors’ guidance. The room names are highlighted in colour and typography, overlaying the orientated and more technically elements of the signposting.

In terms of accessibility for people with a disability, a separate series of pictograms has been developed that characterizes the different functional areas. For key positions in the building, an additional overview plan has been developed that not only helps to plan the tour, but also makes you want to discover. The experience begins with the appearance!

In order to create a holistic appearance of the Minden Museum, we have modernized the logo, developed a colour and form system, and defined the corporate typefaces. With this kit as a basis, the Minden Museum can design future media individually, but always following a line.