April 26, 2018

EY ALTER at Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

Usually, relocations are quite simple: Packing things at the previous place and unpacking them at the new location. Relocating exhibitions is somewhat more complicated. And for the EY ALTER exhibition, the change to the Daimler headquarters meant nothing less than a new edition: EY ALTER 2.0.

More courage

“We have scrutinised everything,” says Björn Voigt, Managing Director of GfG. “This was a challenge for the whole range of our performance spectrum,” adds Carsten Dempewolf, also Managing Director of GfG. First of all, the external conditions are quite different, the rooms are twice as large, and the space is circular. The entire exhibition architecture had to be adapted to the new scale of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Just an example: The head, the flagship of the exhibition, has grown from 4m at Universum® to an impressive size of 7m in Stuttgart. But also the content orientation has been modified. Cinematic elements have increasingly found their way into the exhibition and the interactive design has been optimized once again due to the visitor experiences. “We have become bolder thanks to the good experiences at Universum®,” says Carsten Dempewolf. Now, we proudly present the human-robotics collaboration: “A bartender is now part of the Café Zukunft (Café Future). This role is played by a new generation robot.” But not only the service in the café is new. Wherever general best practice examples could be found in Bremen, Daimler now presents extensively own projects. Here as well as at other points, the company’s employees are the focus.

To find a way into the minds

An intensive analysis of the content takes place in Stuttgart in the newly created “YES” room. “Young and Experienced together Successful”, on this initiative, thematic areas offer different approaches to deal with demographic change and its chances for the working world and to test new strategies. By June 2017, approx. 2,500 executives are to be sensitized in relevant workshops for the added value of age-mixed workforce and the cooperation of young people and experienced persons is to be actively promoted. As well as the exhibition, the workshops have been developed with the help of Jacobs University in Bremen and are thus based on the latest state of research. “You can now look deeper into the subject, and you will learn much more,” says Björn Voigt. “And by the change in the heart of the brand, the issue has a quite different effect in the minds of the employees.”

Completely (no) automobile

After the opening in the autumn of 2015 at Universum®, EY ALTER became a large audience success until August 2016. At the Stuttgart-based Mercedes-Benz Museum, the exhibition can now be experienced on 400 square meters. An evolutionary step, from the rather small Bremen into the centre of the global company, and the new location of the exhibition also leads to an increased attention, according to Carsten Dempewolf. “The challenge was to shape the leap from the brand into the human theme, the bridging between the automobile and the human being,” says Björn Voigt. A successful leap, as Monja Büdke, head of Mercedes-Benz Museum, says. “An exhibition without an automobile and nevertheless a lot of Mercedes-Benz.”


Go to EY ALTER Bremen here.

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