September 07, 2016

Exhibition: 10 years of Feuerspuren – 10 years of photography in Gröpelingen

Anniversary: GfG celebrates the 10th anniversary of the international narrative festival Feuerspuren (Fire Trails) together with Kultur Vor Ort (Culture On-Site) and presents the photographs by Thomas Kleiner (GfG) at Atelierhaus Roterhahn in Gröpelingen as part of an exhibition from 15.09. –17.11.2016.

Atelierhaus Roterhahn will be as old as the international narrative festival. This is a good reason to invite the photographer to the gallery of the Atelierhaus, who has been showing the face of Lindenhofstrasse in ever new ways for 10 years. GfG photographer Thomas Kleiner ties a special photographic challenge with his work on Lindenhofstrasse. Sometimes in detail, sometimes with a surreal view on the business world of Lindenhofstrasse ... and then again strictly oriented on the theme of the festival – the series of photos always shapes the festival’s program book and tells a very own story about Gröpelingen in a haunting way.

Opening Day: 
September 15, 2016, 19:00 

September 15–November 17 2016, Mon.–Fri. 9:00–18:00

Atelierhaus Roterhahn
Groepelinger Heerstrasse 226
28237 Bremen, Germany

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