July 07, 2016

German Brand Award 2016 for the Feuerspuren campaign

Continuity is winning: The »Feuerspuren« (Fire Trails) team is looking forward to winning the German Brand Award 2016 in the category »Crossmedia Campaign« – and the 10th anniversary of the unique Bremen narrative festival.

Excellent: Always surprisingly different and yet familiar

The annual interplay of stories, multilingualism, fire, and light forms the cornerstone for the visual design of the festival that we developed 10 years ago on behalf of the society Kultur Vor Ort e.V. (Culture on-site) and the Oslebshausen Bürgerhaus (community centre). Shadows of figures and objects from the world-wide narrative culture provide the basis of a modular system, in which forms and colours are always played anew. In the design there are parallels to the process of narrative, while we play with many symbols that tell a story. The biggest challenge is to develop something familiar and unmistakable every year, yet always surprising. »Our design benefits from the fact that it is learned by the viewer and is thus always recognized. The design is unmistakable and offers the organizer and the cooperation partner a high identification value,« Judith says.

More than just a booklet: Collectibles with a high identification value

The direct link between the design and the urban district also contributes to the identification: Tom finds the models and motifs of the annual photo series on the spot. Along Lindenhofstrasse you will be able to rediscover places from an unfamiliar point of view. You will find the hosts with their very own stories portrayed in their garden, at the doorstep of their shop, in important pieces of clothing. The jury of the German Brand Award 2016 acknowledged how well this was done: »The program books convey a sympathetic and authentic picture of Gröpelingen. They are intensively perceived throughout the city and are now sought after collectibles for our visitors and actors,« rejoiced Christiane Gartner of Kultur Vor Ort. There will surely be some to be collected in the coming years.

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