Optician Kunk

Design of the overall appearance of Optician Kunk

  • Corporate Identity
  • Interior Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Rooms
  • Shop Design

Kunk opened the first Bremen branch at Altenwall opposite to the central library in 2010. On an area of ​​150 square meters, our architects have conceived a spatial experience in the fields of presentation, service, and brand experience.

»The shop lives from the break of the functional-linear design language by a wave-like movement that is shaped by three high-pitched pylons,« explains project manager Sebastian Lieber. Craftsmanship on the one hand, emotional approach on the other. A contrast that also affects the material selection. The workshop that can be viewed from the outside and the consultation areas are dominated by warm wood; The presentation pylons, on the other hand, are multilayered with white and green layers and backlit, which reinforces their artificial, almost surreal effect.

For the opening, Optician Kunk could take advantage of the wide range of our competencies for his own benefit. Retail design, outdoor advertising, construction site marketing, and an innovative campaign concept based on a lettering made of spectacle frames were coordinated and followed a design line. The result was a coherent and eye-catching performance.

Kunk is new

Based on the corporate design we developed in 2004, the appearance of the optician’s was reworked and supplemented by new image and design ideas. The advertisement motif for the opening was marked by the »new« spectacle lettering. This word was built from 420 spectacles in our GfG workshop. After numerous tests and prototypes, the object was ready in time for photo shooting and the decoration of the shop window at the opening.