February 28, 2013


The development and creation of visual ideas, spatial experiences, communication scenarios or products is the core of our work. With iD-Werkstatt (iD Workshop) we have now created a dedicated space: on 250 square meters this place offers room for concrete experiments. iD-Werkstatt allows for food for thought, it is a workshop for prototypes.

Whether it is the development and conception of an exhibition or a product idea, or aspects of brand communication – at iD-Werkstatt, method, material, and the collective working situation play the decisive roles. Thus, the computer is rarely used here, and mobile phones stay outside. What is needed is the change of perspective, the restriction-free thinking, and the admitting of unusual ideas. As a result, iD-Werkstatt is not only an ideal working environment for us, but we also work together with our clients on their products, innovations, and visions.

For further information, please contact Björn Voigt (T +49 421 33868 11 / voigt@gfg-id.de) and Hanke Homburg (T +49 421 33868 12 / homburg@gfg-id.de).

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