Sparkasse Immobilien GmbH

Regional Real Estate Portal

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The Sparkasse Immobilien GmbH website, designed and coded by us, is a regional real estate portal that initially shows all properties from the pool. Using the well-designed, intuitive, and interactive filter module, the display can be sorted according to individual search criteria.

The properties are transmitted to the web server by the broker software using an exchange format (XML) and transferred into the database (indexing). In the front end of the page, they are displayed in the TYPO3 environment.

How this works in detail, you can see here.

Each modification of the parameters causes a reload of the real estate contents via Javascript (AJAX/JSON). In addition to the search function, the website provides information on the other services of Sparkasse Immobilien GmbH, such as sale and administration of real estate as well as contact persons.

The biggest challenge was the development of an interface connecting the broker software and TYPO3. The database architecture developed by us (based on MySQL) ensures the import of content from XML using the object-oriented programming language PHP as well as the output of the real estate contents in the front end of the page.

We have created a website for Sparkasse Immobilien GmbH that combines a modern, user-friendly, and optimized design for all terminal devices with functional navigation and focused real estate presentation to a page that leads the users to their dream property with a few clicks.