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promtec is an owner-managed Bremen company that specializes in high-quality USB sticks and display cleaners as advertising media.

For the new generation of display cleaners under the label DigiWipz, we have designed an example series as handouts for fairs, promotions, and samplings. Both the display cleaners as well as the packaging were given a uniform look conveying to the prospects how their own advertising might work. Especially the product design was so good that it was requested by some clients as a basis of their own design – which was not intended but nevertheless made us very pleased.

On the packaging we worked with an individual combination of photography and outline-illustration, a visual world that is also found on the product website we have programmed. As a result, the DigiWipz series appears as a homogeneous family and ensures a high degree of recognition in the broad market of advertising media.

Go to the DigiWipz website here.

The products

All cleaners are not only available in a wide variety of designs but can also be customized individually.