Peter Biendara

Peter Biendara, born in Oldenburg in 1969, began at the age of 15 to play basketball in various leagues up to the Bundesliga. After high school graduation he studied music and German at University of Bremen to become a teacher. During his studies he worked as a correspondent for Süddeutscher Rundfunk and composed sheet music for a Hamburg publishing house. In 1998, after his first state exam, he started his own business as a freelance graphic designer and production coordinator in the fields of print and multimedia and as a freelance composer. In 2001 he continued his education by an online course in media computer science, specializing entirely on web and audio production in his freelance activity. In 2005, he worked on his first project for GfG, a composition. Several orders in the fields of multimedia and web followed. Today he is a member of the staff supporting the multimedia team in the areas of Flash, CMS (TYPO3, webEdition, WordPress), sound design, and composition. Since 2006, Peter Biendara has been teaching media music practice as a lecturer at University of Oldenburg. He is married and has two children.