Hayat Derfoufi

»White House« – this is the translation of the place Hayat Derfoufi was born in 1984: Casablanca. At a young age she moved to Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia, and after high school graduation she wondered what she wanted to do with her life: Study psychology? Or maybe dentistry? In view of her diverse talents, she decided on design studies at University of the Arts Bremen.

Hayat’s higher education included several visits abroad, and after she had finished her studies with a diploma, she worked for six months on a free research project in Japan. Subsequently, globetrotter Hayat returned to Bremen to become self-employed with the foundation of an agency for motion design. Her next career step led to GfG in 2015 for which she has since been active in the fields of design, multimedia, and project management. Her favourites are extensive projects with a basic motif transmitted to all relevant cross-media communication channels.

At lunch time Hayat is frequently found at the stove of the GfG kitchen preparing her vegan meal. After work, she harmonizes body and mind with yoga exercises.