»VTG-Connect« – A film about the digital future of rail freight traffic

  • Film Design
  • Motion Graphics

How do you make something visible that has not yet existed in this form? How do you explain it in an intelligible way? And how do you convince the customers of the new digital possibilities? These were some tricky questions. The plot: VTG has its business in car rental, rail logistics, and tank container logistics. About 60,000 goods wagons are available in Europe. A decent figure and also the largest private fleet in Europe. VTG is in a leading and thus shaping position for international freight transport. The facts about the industrial sector and the situation on the railways: freight trains with a length of several hundred meters travel more than 250,000 rail kilometres across Europe, each of which is capable of transporting up to 4,000 tonnes of mass and thus economic goods in millions. In Europe, more than 400 billion tonne-kilometres are shipped annually on the rail network. This transport of goods flows through 30 nations with their borders and their regional characteristics.

Innovation of the market leader 

The challenge is not to lose track. Without a doubt, knowledge is very valuable for every partner in this system. Especially for customers, as they surely would like to know: Where is my wagon right now? Is it on time, still intact? The maintenance of the wagons could also be ensured. So much about the background. The good news: As a market leader, VTG provides a comprehensive technical innovation for the entire fleet – VTG-Connect. Rail transport is digitized, VTG customers are connected online with their wagons and their cargo. The film shows how exactly this is done. With a combination of real film and animated sequences, the challenge of the analogue and the possibilities of the digital world are presented. The film has already been used at sales conferences and customer events and is part of the VTG online communication.