Chocolate exhibition by Hachez at Universum® Bremen


A tempting special exhibition by Hachez at Universum® Bremen

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  • Illustration

Two Bremen institutions, Science Center Universum® Bremen and chocolate manufacturer Hachez, partnered up. The result: Chocoladium – a tempting special exhibition.

The stations for chocolate production are presented on an area of ​​500 square meters. Together with the conceptionists of Petri & Tiemann and the scientific staff of Universum® Bremen, we have developed three theme and event zones, differentiated by colouring and lighting. An exhibition for all senses, especially for taste.

On the basis of the three themes of »origin«, »production«, and »effect«, three different spatial images have been created to make the visitors familiar with the three areas in an associative way. In addition to the scenography, all information graphics and media have been designed by us.

The special exhibition has received the DDC Award »Gute Gestaltung 2009« (Good Design 2009) and has been nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010.