Quartier: The city as a stage


The city as a stage

  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brands and Companies
  • Coding
  • Webdevelopment

In and out of the urban peripheries, Quartier gGmbH designs various art and cultural projects in the Bremen districts in cooperation with professional artists and cultural creators. They provide impetus and contribute to the promotion of a cultural district identity by the collaboration of artists with social, cultural, and educational institutions.

With the development of the corporate design, we have not only created a simple and concise symbol that clearly represents Quartier to the outside. The new logo is the basis for a formerly missing identity of the institution, making its professionalism and effectiveness visible now. The modular set of logo, font, and sample elements enables all actors of Quartier to express themselves individually with their projects within the framework of a clear and uniform corporate design. The playful, creative use of the design elements is desired, the range of variation is part of the lively overall appearance.

The project »Quartier – the city as a stage« is here.