1.000.000 Cars Mercedes Bremen Poster

Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen

Making-of: Dot by Dot

  • Film Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Sound Design

1 million times C-Class. Handwork instead of printed posters. Irritation instead of accustomed Mercedes visual language. We replaced photos of cars and people with many small black dots – and thus triggered surprise. For four days, the 15 billboards at Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen had nothing but different colour patches with small black numbers.

On the fifth day, the real action began: on each of the 15 boards, two employees in white jumpsuits busied themselves linking up to 600 dots in meticulous detail work all day. At the end (of the live happening) a drawing with a C-Class Mercedes plus colleagues was created. The message: »1 million cars tie together – Plant Bremen. A strong team!«

Instead of the usual tired looks on the rush to the workplace, we had a real eye-catcher here, causing astonishment, questions, and shop talks. An action that will remain in the memory for many of the 12,000 employees.