Gröpelingen bildet

Educational landscape in the Bremen West End

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  • Mission Statement Development
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing

The initiative »Gröpelingen bildet« (Gröpelingen educates) has been created to co-ordinate intra- and extracurricular educational institutions in a multi-cultural, inter-mixed Bremen district. The aim of the initiative is to improve access to education for all children, regardless of their origins.

The corporate design makes the diversity of the people and the multi-faceted educational landscape of the district visible. We used the principle of the kaleidoscope: changing geometric patterns are created on the basis of a submerged rhomboid structure.

The brochure »morgenland«, a foldout plan with educational offers, templates for website integration, and much more was developed as media applications. In 2013, the figurative mark entered the shortlist of the Corporate Design Award.

You can find more information here.
A project description of the magazine »morgenland« can be found here.