Quadriennale Dusseldorf

Quadriennale Dusseldorf Film Trailer

Beyond Tomorrow

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The short film for Quadriennale in Dusseldorf 2014 shows an unusual portrait of the city, fully dedicated to art. In the summer of 2013, a team of five young designers was on the road to explore the urban space with the leitmotif of Dusseldorf Quadriennale 2014 »Über das Morgen hinaus« (Beyond Tomorrow).

Originally it was only a trailer for the festival. The result is a short film that deals with contemporary art: an experiment of street art, tape art, and stop motion film in the context of 11 guiding principles, also linking the exhibitions of the festival.

Sticking and unwinding

For four weeks, the team was on a discovery tour in Dusseldorf to bring the tape to the city. More complex tape formations required up to half a day of preparation and shooting time. The procedure was as follows: First, the team attached the complete form to the respective subsoil in the city. Then the designers unwinded and cut the glued tape piece by piece and shot photos. The resulting image material is played backwards in the finished trailer, the viewer watches the formations as they arise.

In addition to the stop-motion scenes, the team filmed pedestrians from the same perspective – the trailer represents a hybrid form of stop motion and film.

Intervention in public space

The reaction of the pedestrians to the film footage showed that the concept of intervention in public space was a success. Over the tape art and the film team, the Dusseldorf public came into a first contact with Quadriennale Dusseldorf 2014 during the shootings in the previous summer. »People have reacted very responsively to us. Many came directly to us, asked questions about our work and the guiding principles and thus became curious about Quadriennale,« says Urs Mader from the film team.