Feuerspuren Narrative Festival

Excellent exhibition

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There is no comparable project anywhere in Europe. And the Bremen »Feuerspuren« (Fire Trails) impress in many respects: as a format they have been unique for many years, as an event in Bremen they have an established name, the program books are collector’s items not only for the citizens of Gröpelingen, and the jury of the German Brand Award 2016 was enthusiastic. Since when has this international narrative festival been existing? For ten years! A good reason for an exhibition of the corresponding picture series in the Atelierhaus Roterhahn (that unfortunately already ended on November 17th, 2016). Thomas Kleiner, Managing Director of GfG, has been the photographer. Each year. For ten years.

Photo series on the 2016 theme »It’s getting hot«:

A hot wind whistles around the corner.
Is it climate change? Are you in love? Is it the hot breath of the fire artists at Lindenhofstrasse?
Burning issues that let you break a sweat.

Photo series on the 2015 theme »Metamorphoses«:

We. We make the fire trails.
We are the hosts. We speak to you in many languages.
Do you want to visit us?

Photo series on the 2014 theme »At Night«:

At night the beauty of the neighbourhood is revealed.
Loneliness. The silence. The locations.
Do you want to enjoy the city by night?

Excellent presentation

The entire visual design of the festival makes the photos of the respective themes so special: they are always surprisingly different and still familiar. Just like the programme brochure or the posters that GfG developed for the first time in 1996 on the behalf of the association Kultur Vor Ort e.V. (Culture on-site) and the community centre Oslebshausen. Everywhere parallels to the process of narrative are found here.

You can find here the whole project … but take a look first at all photo series!!

Photo series on the 2013 theme »Mitgebracht« (Brought Along):

Full of selfishness.
We are ourselves and we show ourselves. This is not a disguise – we brought something with us.
Can you show yourself?

Photo series on the 2012 theme »Von Mund zu Mund und Hörensagen« (About word of mouth and hearsay):

Check it out and listen to how stories, rumours, and facts spread faster than anywhere else.
Do you have something to say to us?

Photo series on the 2011 theme »Curiosity«:

Prying eyes out of the window.
Out on the street. How it changes. How life is bursting and flaunting here.
Do you want to be there or just go ahead?

Photo series on the 2010 theme »Rescue«:

Our people.
We make this district.
We live here. We are Gröpelingen.
Ask me.

Excellent perception

The fact that the »Fire Trails« are so popular is not only due to the always excellent list of the narratives. It is above all also due to the unique integration of the inhabitants of this particular district in Bremen. Thomas Kleiner, for example, finds the motifs of his picture series for the program book exactly there: among them. Places at the Lindenhofstrasse, hosts in front of their shops, residents in personal clothes, motifs sometimes in detail, sometimes surreal, views at sunshine and at deep night. Turn the page for Gröpelingen.

Photo series on the 2009 theme »Neighbours«:

Walk on by.
The flaneur sips all this.
He wants to enjoy, but not to indulge.
Do you want to stroll around the neighbourhood with me?

Photo series on the 2008 theme »Traces«:

In the rooms behind the facades there are details. Memories, artifacts, past, glory.
Do you want to follow the traces?

Photo series on the 2007 theme »Fire«:

Take a look inside.
There are many places along Lindenhofstrasse. Wash shops, sewing shops, hairdressers, the mosque.
Do you want to take a look?