Sparkasse Bremen – 190 years of styles of living

Sparkasse Bremen

190 years of styles of living: The exhibition for the anniversary of Sparkasse Bremen

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Since its founding in 1825, Sparkasse Bremen (Bremen Savings Bank) has been close to its customers, always being aware of the lives, needs, and the longings of the Bremen citizens. This also includes an insight into the private residential worlds, combined with the development of the building architecture in the changing of the epochs. In this respect, the 190th anniversary was a good opportunity to take a look at the subject of »Living in Bremen« with a historical view.

Looking back on the last two centuries, an elementary change in residential culture can be identified – at the same time, historical architecture is often preserved and still characterizes the cityscape. In order to shed light on this matter and to better understand our present living situation, a closer look on the living culture and the architecture of the past might help.

The exhibition shows six Bremen styles of living in the context of contemporary architecture and gives a detailed insight into the life of a resident. The exhibits are presented as more or less life-size pop-up scenarios with staggered presentation surfaces. They consist of a combination of printed cardboard walls with abstracted illustrations and real, very typical furnishing items, thus providing the viewers plenty of room for personal projections and memories of living styles they might know from personal experience.