32. German Evangelical Church Assembly

Benefits the climate

  • Development of Ideas and Identities
  • Campaign

The visitors of the 32nd German Evangelical Church Assembly in Bremen (2009) were to help the organization to save 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide. For that purpose, the campaign »Tut dem Klima gut« (Benefits the climate) gave many suggestions and tips. On May 14th of the year, Michael Müller, Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of the Environment, together with Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Vice President of the Bundestag and member of the Assembly’s committee, and Church Assembly manager Bernd Baucks presented the large poster we have developed and designed on the Climate Project of the German Evangelical Church Assembly in Berlin. It consisted of 1,200 post-it notes, each with a tip for climate protection in everyday life.

On May 15th, the climate initiative was officially presented to the Bremen public in the city library. The post-it poster was also in the focus. In the following week the other elements and media of the campaign were prominently featured. These included: an information banner exhibition, the brochure »CO₂-Sparer« (CO₂ Savers), the flyer »Wissen wie ...« (How to ...), the »Land unter« (Land under water) campaign with seven information pedestals along the land-under-water-line, 10,000 Unicards, T-Shirts, as well as four animation films about the »Klima-Check« (Climate check) for the big screen on the market square.