energiekonsens – Shopping for the climate


The book about the climate market

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Good news for all those who want to learn more about the issues of »sustainable consumption, environmental communication, and education«: the climate market book »Shoppen für das Klima« (Shopping for the climate) with concrete tips for climate protection in all areas of everyday life such as food, household, mobility, clothing, and consumer goods, has now been published by oekom verlag. Asja and Judith have been responsible for the creation.

The book is based on the insights gained by the pop-up shop project »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« (2050 – Your Climate Market). We developed the climate market together with our client energiekonsens in 2013. Until September 2015, the market has toured through various districts of Bremen.

The complete reference to the project »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« can be found here.