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A company that refers to one of the most creative engineers of the 19th century has great plans. As a supporting agency, our activity for Brunel GmbH is exciting and full of variety. The German subsidiary of Dutch Brunel International N.V. operates in and from Germany as an international project partner for technology and management. In short, Brunel offers flexible engineering and personnel solutions in one of the world’s toughest and fastest technology markets. So it is only a good thing if a company cultivates its chosen and evolved identity.

In 2004, we did a photographic research in UK for Brunel, documenting a part of the great work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806–1859). Brunel was an engineer and a pioneer of the industrial revolution and obviously followed the maxim that everything technically conceivable is also feasible. His cross-border works, such as the realization of the world’s longest suspension bridge (total length 412 m, longest span width 214 m), or the construction of the gigantic »Great Eastern« (211 m, 18.915 GRT), cannot be explained differently.

The fascination for this man and his technical passion continues in his buildings that are still in use today, including some railway stations, underground tunnels, and bridges. We could experience them at London Paddington train station, at Royal Albert Bridge in Saltash, and at Clifton Suspension Bridge near Bristol.

Much of what has followed for Brunel GmbH over the years to this day regarding media and measures has been under the impression of a great spirit that always stood for the realization of the things that were planned.

Customer and applicant communication

As a leading engineering service provider for the DACH region, Brunel stands for highly qualified employees and a broad range of services in all technically relevant sectors. A self-awareness that is characterized in marketing media by clear objectivity and the focus on the people of the company.

And by the claim to completeness. For every sector in which Brunel operates, there is a short, clear performance medium. We have been implementing these folders for almost ten years – taking into account the current corporate design, with our own graphical adaptations and extensions, photography, and text.

The sector media are supplemented by the company brochure and the applicant brochure. We have already guided these two publications regarding design, photography, and text through a series of corporate designs – always up to date according to the demands of the market.

Outside the box

Early on, Brunel has discovered the power of inspiration for every innovative activity, sharing it with enthusiasm with its employees, customers, and all other interested parties. As early as 2004, we developed a magazine for the company that presented both innovative projects and performance centres as well as internationally impressive projects and personalities. The title »Der Spezialist« (The Specialist) tells something about the self-conception of this publication: A self-image that aims at the special, the excellent. A magazine that communicates with its demanding readers eye to eye. The editorial staff, that has remained virtually unchanged over the years, consisting of representatives of the customer, the editorial team at Dialog PR, and us, have remained faithful to this claim. (A detailed description of this long-standing project can be found here.)

As a spin-off from the comprehensive magazine, »Karriere & Technik« (Career & Technology) was developed a few years ago with a focus on applicants, selected topics, and a much reduced scope, having a far higher print run including distribution via VDI news and trade fairs.

With innovations and ideas being the fuel of development, structure and organization must not be missing. Not by chance, it was a high-quality idea notebook that was handed over to all sales staff at the annual meeting in early 2016. The white pages for personal entries are preceded by the key words for the company’s success: Operational Excellence, Reliability, Eagerness, and Flexibility. A description of the values that we have also been pleased to support textually.