June 14, 2016

Finally a football sticker album!

The Wild League Bremen (Wilde Liga Bremen) has long been waiting for this: the amateur footballer’s sticker album is about to be finished. More than 540 stickers on 52 pages, about one year of work, photography on the pitch in the sun and in the rain – and everything for a good cause! Reserve one of the albums and collect for the »Doctors Without Borders«.

The Wild League Bremen is a loose association of teams full of football enthusiasts who do not let advanced age or training deficits discourage them from indulging their hobby – without any awful clubbiness but with a strong leaning towards social gathering after the match. The Wild League has been in Bremen with changing teams for more than 20 years. It is respected nationwide and it was host of the Deutsche Alternative Meisterschaft DAM (German Alternative Championship) in Bremen in 2016. Needless to say that also one or other of the GfG fellows kicks in the Wild League, specifically with »SV Werber Bremen«, so to say the team of the creative branch (a pun with the famous football club »SV Werder Bremen« and the German word Werber=advertiser).

This constellation – football, big guys and design – screams out for a classic sticker album. So we made it happen. Just for fun. Yes we can. (If we had known how much hassle it turned out to be, we might not have talked that big ...).

However, one does not get such a thing going all alone. Due to happenstance that Kommunikationsverband Wirtschaftsraum Bremen e.V. (Bremen Business Communication Association) already had come up with the idea of ​​a sticker album, the project became much more realistic.

The goal was to sell albums and stickers and to donate the proceeds to one hundred percent for a good cause. For this, the print production had to be financed in advance by supporters, and we succeeded. We take opportunity to thank all companies and restaurants for their donations!

And now we are in the final phase, just before passing for press. The image processing and the final artwork are about to be completed, the pages are being reviewed for fine adjustments of last details.

Order now – and do good!

If you would like to purchase one or more of these albums for yourself, your children, or your colleagues, then simply send your reservation to Stephan Kappen at kappen@gfg-id.de.

The price is 5 euros per album, 50 stickers also cost 5 euros – of course unsorted and with some doublets for swapping, as we all know and love it. More stickers cost more, simple math. The entire proceeds will be given to the »Doctors Without Borders«.

After publication in summer the Wild League sticker album and the stickers will be available at various participating gastronomies and at other sales points. Swap nights in the mentioned restaurants were already announced. More info will follow.

We will keep you up to date. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Facts on the Wild League sticker album:

52 pages
24 x 32 cm
more than 540 stickers

  • with 17 teams (including Interruptus Connection, Wadenbeißer, Azzurri di Brema, and many more)
  • with Werder Bremen mentors
  • with the venues of the 3rd half

Price per album: 5 Euro
Price per sticker: 0,10 Euro
All proceeds will be donated to »Doctors Without Borders«.

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