February 12, 2013

Welios®, Austria

On Friday, April 15th, a new »energetic« science centre was opened in Austria. On an area of about 3,000 square meters, the visitor will experience the world of »energy genius« Jouli and his family. You can crank, rotate, and press on 150 interactive exhibits.

We have developed and planned the scenographic concept for the »Energiehof« (Energy Farm) of the researcher Jouli and the area »Über den Dächern« (Over the Rooftops).

Jouli lives with his wife Fanny, daughter Lucie, and grandmother Hilde on a farm in Austria. Unfortunately, one of his experiments blows up a large part of his farm ... An excerpt from the storyline and the beginning of the narrative space: Flying debris of the farm reunite and form a fragmentary landscape of different rooms and themes. Dynamic spatial images guide the visitor through the rooms of the family members into the kitchen, through the forest, into the adjacent mountains, and then to the second exhibition floor, the area »Über den Dächern«. Jouli and his family, invisible but still always present, give visitors tips and suggestions on many topics and on the 150 interactive exhibits on energy and energy efficiency.

In the design process, the use of real materials was important in order to make the spirit of inventor and innovator Jouli perceptible. Brushed wood interspersed with fragments of tiles or embossed wallpaper dominate the appearance of the farm. The exhibition graphics underline the character of the inventor: millimeter paper, notes, sketches – all of which have been quickly glued together form the construction kit of the information graphics.

On behalf of the exhibition developers Petri & Tiemann GmbH, we have been able to contribute concept, design, and planning of the exhibition architecture as well as the information and orientation graphics to the overall project.

More information about Welios® can be found here.

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