March 14, 2013

»2050 – Your Climate Market«

How to protect the climate effectively? The best way is by shopping! As an interim use, the pop-up shop of Bremen climate protection agency energiekonsens tours from district to district and approaches people in their everyday life – at the places where they buy everyday goods.

So far, around 10,000 people have visited the Klimamarkt (Climate Market) at six locations. More than 85 additional events have been held here, ranging from sewing courses and clothing swap to solar or mold advice. The average time the visitors stay is approx. 11 minutes – this allows detailed and intensive consultation.

Part of the success is the sophisticated design. The decision to use environmentally friendly recycled cardboard has been accompanied by an imaginative design with a high level of detail. It encourages exploring shelves and counters. Visitors are given plenty of tips on how to make a climate-friendly purchase.

You can find out more about the project here.

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