January 19, 2013

Change for the change expert

Maren Kirst came to tell us, »I am not photogenic.« Her goal was a website that still makes her picture an important part.

Now we went online, and shortly afterwards the change expert sent us these collected feedbacks:

»... very clear, very appealing! « / »... somehow informative and beautifully designed. Very appealing to me. « / » ... a SUPERPAGE. « / » ... and how did you do that with the photos? You look amazing!!! « / » ... Very smart are the pictures behind the text fields that move, so that you can see more of you by action (in this case by finger scrolling ... ;-)). And it makes you want even more activity in your direction! « / » ... impressively simple and convincing. Congratulations! « / » ... extremely modern, appealing, little text, well-arranged. Represents true change. «

We are happy!

To get an impression, please click here.

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