June 08, 2015

»About swords, sails, and cannons«

This is where ancient shipwrecks meet the latest technology: Since May 28th, the exhibition visitors at Schloss Gottorf (Gottorf Castle) in Schleswig have become underwater archaeologists. Equipped with a small tablet computer, they explore the story of the sinking of the Swedish flagship »Hedvig Sofia« and learn about the forgotten tale about the princess of the same name.

Starting from the conflictual times of the Great Northern War, the visitor has the opportunity to immerse deeper and deeper into the narrative from baroque court and life at sea, to the present, abandoned relics at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. This is ensured not only by the overall staging, but also by the seamless interlocking of exhibits, content, multimedia, and scenography. With a new view at the old environment, the question can be solved: What do 500 spoons have to do with Princess Hedvig?

Read more about the exhibition here.

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