October 27, 2014

German Design Award for »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt«

We are »Winner«! The pop-up shop »2050 – Dein Klimamarkt« (2050 – Your Climate Market) has received a Winner award in the »Event Design« category at the 2015 German Design Award competition. This makes us one of the top 11 agencies in this category.

The German Design Award is the international premium award of the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council). The award goes to top-class products and projects from product and communication design. More than 2,250 national and international projects were nominated by the expert committee in the run-up to the prestigious competition.

For us, the award is the recognition of a consistently pursued exhibition design. The climatic market shows in a playful way and in accordance to the client energiekonsens, how shopping and climate protection can go together. This playful easiness permeates the design of counters, shelves, checkouts, and all other shop elements. The fact that the shop is made entirely of environmentally friendly cardboard for touring through vacant stores, made the task all the more appealing to us – creating a perfect event shopping experience for the visitors.

More information on the German Design Award can be found here. You can find out more about the project here.

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