June 03, 2016

»EY ALTER« documentary

Many minds, many ideas, many solutions: From the very beginning, the exhibition »EY ALTER« has a principle of participation. What is this exhibition about? Age, everyday life, and working world in demographic change. What else is it about? To nothing less than a paradigm shift. It is time to see age and above all advanced age anew and to evaluate. Because it is full of surprises and opportunities.

In the film, the makers of »EY ALTER« tell how the exhibition came into being, the influences incorporated, and how many people helped shape experiences that change the thinking. The film shows the process from the first ideas and the concretizations in workshops to the finished exhibition set-up at Universum® Bremen. This is how you do an interactive exhibition.

Music by:
Yes She Can (Marcos H. Bolanos) / CC BY-SA 4.0
Falling into You (Little Glass Men) / CC BY 4.0

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